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International Consultant & Digital Entrepreneur

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When he was 14 years old, Eduardo made his first dollar with online affiliate programs, advertising on websites created by himself. A few years later his new appetite for the financial market made him apply for a Business degree in one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil and end up working 6 years with Risk Management for the banking industry. Bored of his 9-8 work (Oh, banks…), Eduardo bought a one-way ticket to Canada planning to import Brazilian marble into Vancouver. Almost 2 years later, he left British Columbia to explore the digital industry in California and realised that several international startups were actually trying to expand its services to Latin America. Returning to Brazil with this idea in mind, Eduardo became an international consultant and successfully launched and managed the Brazilian version of the controversial dating website (part of Avid Life Media), achieving national popularity as digital entrepreneur by being featured on the largest media outlets in the country. Lately he joined the board of FindBrazil, a non-profit association focused on matching international companies with local governments and investors and is actively advising innovative startups in order to make it profitable. Last but not least, he also loves to write about travel, entrepreneurism and describing himself in third person :).


Eduardo Borges Consultant

Digital Consultant

Supporting innovative international companies expand or establish its online and offline presence with Business Development, Marketing & PR.

Eduardo Borges Advisor

Startups Advisor

Partnering with digital and mobile startups in order to make it become profitable and generating revenue from its online products and services.

Eduardo Borges Import Export Broker

Import Export

Exploring products worldwide and supporting its manufacturer to export, develop and distribute the brand in Brazil (liquor, fashion, jewelry, food, etc).


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